ensuring candidates stay interested

How to ensure your top candidates stay interested

It’s one thing finding the best candidates for your latest position but how do you keep them interested after the interview. This is a modern day dilemma that seems to be on the rise, you like what you see and decide to offer them the job. But there’s a problem; they either fail to reply or simply tell you that they’d prefer to continue looking. Here we look at some of the best ways to minimise the risk of this happening to you in the future.

Collection of data 

Even before the interview, you can put your candidates off by almost forcing them to fill in lengthy application forms that kind of mimic the details that they’ve included on their CVs. Take a closer look at these forms and ask yourself how you would feel when asked to duplicate the data required?  These are still considered to be a great way to gather relevant information about your prospective employees but try not to pack in too many questions because you could be losing some very good candidates this way.

Post interview behaviour

Nobody likes to be kept in limbo after a job interview and this is why even the most promising candidates may start looking elsewhere. Ensure that this doesn’t happen to you by sending out an email to the applicant or to their agency as soon as you can. You don’t have to promise them anything but by keeping them in the loop you should be able to retain their interest long enough to make a decision. The same goes for the initial job application; it doesn’t take long but will decrease the chances of those top drawer candidates becoming restless.

Offering the job

Although you may be of the mindset that once you make the offer, they will find it hard to refuse, that simply is not the case anymore. Not only should you offer them a fair salary but you also need to be able to answer any questions with regards to a promising career path. It may be possible that they have received other offers and if you bear this in mind, try to remain competitive at all times. You should also remember that they are allowed to take their time when deciding on your offer and always avoid rushing them because this can quite often come across as desperate.

If you have the right candidate for you latest vacancy, follow these tips and you have a great chance of making them an offer that they will accept. Always remain honest and transparent throughout the whole process and remember that courtesy is key when communicating with all of your candidates.

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