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How to survive your first 3 months in your new job

So you’ve landed that awesome public practice job that you have always wanted, so what happens next? Well, firstly you should give yourself a nice pat on the back and secondly, you have around 3 months to slot into your new role. Here we’ll talk about some proven tips that can really help you to gain a foothold in your new company and could even ensure that you make sufficient impact to stand up and be noticed.

If you are unsure, always ask

Everybody has to start somewhere and nobody will expect you to hit the floor running but so long as you pick up information in a steady manner, you will be just fine. If you are unsure of a particular process, simply ask your colleague because they will be more than happy to fill in the gaps. The worst thing that you can do as a new starter is to try and wing it, write down your queries as soon as they occur and that way, you’ll be able to ask relevant questions that will get you off those starting blocks a little faster.

Learning on the job

Your recruitment consultant should be able to give you a heads up with regards what you can expect in your new role but as soon as you walk through those doors, it is your time to shine. Use your3 month probation period to gain as much information as you can because although it may seem a little hard to swallow, you can actually be up to speed by the time those 3 months have passed you by. Find out what you need to know, where you can find this information and remember to write any titbits down that may serve you well later on.

Choose new friends wisely

We all enjoy having social interactions in the office however, until you thoroughly understand the workplace dynamic, try to hang back before telling anyone your life story.

Finally, try to avoid making a judgement call about your new career until you have given it a fair chance. The job will become easier once you have learnt the ropes and can stand on your own two feet.

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