in times of uncertainty

In times of uncertainty changing your job can still be achieved and here’s how

In times of uncertainty as we are currently with Brexit, North Korea, who can rightfully claim  victory in the General Election and what will that mean to the economy and are we actually going to have a Summer this year, it can be perceived it is the wrong time to change jobs. This can be true in some circumstances but if carefully managed a career change can be achieved at any time.  The key is to ensure the best match is made and all the necessary research is completed before committing to the move.

One of the most important decisions will be how you are going to go about it. Will you go it alone, pitching your CV onto a series of public job boards, a quick update of your linkedin profile and then hope for the best? Or do you enlist the expertise of a recruitment consultant?(That’s where we come in).

“Bit old fashioned? Surely it’s all about technology/social media/online presence…?” Well no, it most definitely isn’t. Not if you choose well.  Just like the recent trend for retro, vintage niche, bespoke products, their appeal is not just aesthetic, it’s about discretion, individuality, specialist knowledge, attention to detail, exceptional service levels, personal tailored offerings.

That, right there, is exactly what the right recruitment consultant should be providing. (Again…which is where we come in).

Choose well and your consultant with help you to secure the perfect role without broadcasting your personal details across the market, they will help you to identify exactly what you need and help you to secure the role that matches with your short and long term aspirations.  They will know which firms match your personality, which firms you will work best with and weed out those that don’t.

So if you’re considering a move, keep your approach exclusive and discerning, take your time and enlist an expert and the climate of uncertainty should only be the smallest part of the decision making process.

At Wavelength we specialise in providing accountancy staff to Professional firms of Accountants, from trainee to direct Partner entry. As Public Practice recruitment specialists we recruit for any size of firm, from the sole trader and small partnership to the middle and top tier firms. We match the candidate to the client and the client to the candidate.

At Wavelength your time will not be wasted!!

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