what is the purpose of linkedin networking

What is the purpose of LinkedIn? Networking or headhunt tool?

Time to be a bit contentious but I am interested to see how others view the use of LinkedIn. We all get the updates through telling us that our profile has been viewed and how powerful our respective profiles can make us. We get an email through exclaiming….. “See how well your profile stands out from the crowd. A profile view from the right person is a step closer to your next career move.”

My understanding of the whole point of LinkedIn was that it would be a networking tool rather than a candidate database making you easy prey for the “head-hunters” out there, though the term “headunter ” should be used loosely!! The idea I thought was that LinkedIn would make it easier for businesses to network with each other and cross sell services to help develop business and therefore the economy as a whole¬† rather than a good way to get rid of all your employees and encourage businesses to suffer….and therefore the economy as a whole.

So the question is, are you (The LinkedIn user….and likely to be a business owner or manager of people ) happy that all your staff are on LinkedIn apparently for the purpose of standing out to bring their next career move closer and to encourage being headhunted? (Even those that just joined you 2 weeks ago…I have seriously known that to happen to a candidate we placed in a new position).

Clearly I only posted this  so a headhunter might spot it, be suitably impressed and offer me a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Watch this space for an update.

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