Planning Your Accountancy Career in Public Practice......Keeping a Step Ahead..

Planning Your Accountancy Career in Public Practice – Keeping a Step Ahead.

Accountancy Career Planning

Planning your accountancy career and taking control of your career progression is something you need to consider seriously. There are always going to be exceptions to this rule when control is taken out of your hands, the most obvious one being unexpected redundancy which for most is not part of their plan.

You should take steps to know which direction you are going in through appraisals with your current employer, or if you need to look externally, establish a firm relationship with a Recruitment Consultant with a particular knowledge and expertise of your market and career options.

During the recession, as you would expect, recruitment was not at the top of the list for many Firms of Accountants but things have now changed where the demand for experienced candidates is high but the pool of available candidates is small.

The problem that active or passive job seekers now face is the pressure of deciding which opportunity is right for them without it being a knee jerk reaction to for example either having passed your exams, or not being happy with the latest salary review. While at the same time you are potentially caught off guard by an unsolicited headhunt call from somebody who found your details on LinkedIn and out of the blue they claim to have the “ideal” job for you, without really having any idea as to who you are and what would be best for your career.

The best plan for your career is to plan for it.

This is where your choice of recruitment consultant is vital in providing the advice and market knowledge you need to make an informed plan.  At this point it would be useful for our consultants at Wavelength to meet with you, to form that relationship and allow us to be a step ahead of the market by proactively working on your behalf so we can then make you aware of the type of opportunity that would interest you.

The way we work at Wavelength will ensure your details are kept confidential until such time that you agree to be put forward for a specific role.  If you sign up to the way we work there is no need for you to then approach other recruitment agencies.  Where possible and if not too late we do ask candidates to consider dealing with Wavelength exclusively rather than getting other agencies involved, as this can sometimes compromise your own position when agencies get into a CV race rather than listening to what you are actually looking for.

We are here to help

At Wavelength  we are dealing with a number of  Public Practice Career Opportunities  but we don’t just fill vacancies. One of our strong points over the years has been the ability to source the right opportunity for candidates  rather than shoehorn them into one we are having difficulty filling.The other side to that equation is that our clients are getting the right candidates for their roles; so everybody is happy.

So……… if you are somebody with experience gained from working within Public Practice and interested in taking steps to plan for your  accountancy career progression within Practice, we are here to help. We will advise, counsel and help you take the next progressive step in your career.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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