Great recruitment agencies aren’t just a fairy tale image

Great recruitment agencies aren’t just a fairy tale

Recruitment Agencies are not all the same!

Here is a testimonial we received from a candidate which sums up our approach at Wavelength. I guess it’s the story of the frustrated candidate looking for the next step in their career, which of course has a happy ending!

Having applied for a variety of roles via job boards Michael finds himself swept along on a tide of unsuitable jobs and job interviews driven by agencies simply looking to fill a job at any cost.

As a result, by the time we were approached by Michael he was unsurprisingly demoralised, frustrated and perhaps didn’t really understand our insistence that we needed to meet with him before we could progress his application.

Michael came to meet with us and in doing so allowed us to fully assess what he was looking for and find the best way to match his needs with that of the Practice market and of a future employer.

By taking the time to look at his skills and discovering more about him, his personality his aspirations meant we were quickly able to identify the ideal firm. We secured him an interview and he was given everything he needed to prepare; including a full brief of the role, the firm, its team, their portfolio,  systems and so on.  This gave him the confidence to relax, prepare his answers and focus on making sure he delivered the best interview possible.

The happy ending???  Of course Michael was offered the job!  After a month in post Michael sent us this:

“I was very apprehensive when considering a change in my career. I had lost a lot of confidence in agents after numerous dead end interviews and poor advice.  One meeting with Colin restored any faith I had lost. I had one interview which was successful and I couldn’t have thought of working for a better company than I am working for now.

Thank you for all your hard work.  It’s nice to know there are agents that actually care for the candidates that earn them a living.”

In two paragraphs Michael has summed up our ethos and why we’re good at what we do!

Can you say the same for any recruitment agencies you use?  If not then give us a call 01604 768000

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